[Norway] – Welcome to Bergen!

Welcome to Bergen!

In other words: what startled me the most when I got into town

1. The mountains and omnipresent nature

Welcome to Bergen, the city surrounded by 7 mountains. This is actually the first thing you notice when you get into town: the mountains!

Watermarked - DSC_0056
Mount Ulriken from the city center – August 2017

They surround the city alongside the Northern Sea. Therefore, Norwegians are athletic because they all grew up in this kind of environment. And while you’re dying trying to reach the top of the mountain, a running Norwegian passes by… just doing a little jogging! And he’s already heading back down while you’re not even at the top of the mountain!

Watermarked - DSC_0184
View from Mount Løvstakken – August 2017

2. The rain

Perhaps I should have written it in n°1. Bergen is a rainy city, probably the rainiest city in Europe. Moreover, the weather changes very quickly, rain comes when you don’t expect it to and you get completely wet within 30 seconds (I’ve tried!) I’ve learned that it is useless to check the forecast in advance (80% of chances that it will rain) and as I said before, the weather changes so quickly that you would have to check it every hour!

However, when the sun decides to show up, it is really sunny and because it doesn’t happen a lot, we really have to enjoy it.

Watermarked - DSC_0068
Gamlehaugen, gardens of Bergen’s Royal Mansion – August 2017

3. Tacos

The Norwegian have a culinary tradition. On Friday night, they eat tacos. Yes, you read well. Not fish, not even a Norwegian dish, but something that comes from the other side of the world. Well, tacos In a Norwegian way, called “fredagstaco” (“fredag” is Friday). Every supermarket sells Old El Paso things – I was lost, actually, because even the tiniest supermarket sells Taco Kits. Then a Norwegian explained to me what Fredagstaco is and that doesn’t even surprise me anymore 😉

Here is what surprised me the most when I got into town! See you soon for more news from Norway!

Bisous fruités,



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