[Norway] – Hike : Fløyen

Mount Fløyen is Bergen’s most famous mountain. This is actually the first result you find when you google “Bergen, Norway” (right, Clara? 🙂 ). You find this:

Bergen from Mount Fløyen – August 2017

Mount Fløyen is located 399 meters above sea level. You can get to the top by walking (around 1 hour walk in the forest) or with the funicular, the Fløibanen. It costs 45 NOK for one way and 90 NOK round trip for a 3-minute trip. For this price, this is not worth it, you’d better walk; you can then enjoy the spectacular view as well. And when you get to the top, you really feel that you deserve the wonderful view 🙂 . Lire la suite « [Norway] – Hike : Fløyen »


[Norway] – Welcome to Bergen!

Welcome to Bergen!

In other words: what startled me the most when I got into town

1. The mountains and omnipresent nature

Welcome to Bergen, the city surrounded by 7 mountains. This is actually the first thing you notice when you get into town: the mountains!

Watermarked - DSC_0056
Mount Ulriken from the city center – August 2017

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